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Gabriel’s Gourmet Café started small, but we’ve always had big ideas. We knew people were hungry for something different, something fresh. When we moved from our cozy 200-square-foot “incubator” on Commercial St. to a spacious storefront down the block, we were ready to deliver.

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Gabriel’s Cafe is a different kind of business.

When we make decisions, whether it’s a new menu item or a new community partnership, we consider three things: people, planet and profit. We ask ourselves, is it good for the people who work for us and the guests who walk through our door? Does it align with our goals to reduce waste, plastic and emissions? Is it financially sustainable?

If the answer to all of these is yes, we do it! If not, then it’s not for us. This is how we grew a tiny restaurant into a much-loved cornerstone of the community.

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As our own business grew, our ability to support others grew along with it. We source many of our ingredients from local farmers and food producers. We stock our fridge and bar with beverages and spirits produced on Vancouver Island. We have a soup token program to help disadvantaged people in our community. We showcase local artists. We give back because our community has been so generous in supporting us, and we love them for it.

Welcome to Gabriel’s.

Gabriel’s Cafe